Vestland County Municipality, Western Norway University of Applied Sciences and Stiftinga Vestlandsforsking are the partners in the project FORREGION Vestland. The mobilization project is linked to the Research Council of Norway's NFR's initiative FORREGION; Pillar 1; MOBILIZATION.

The purpose of the project is to mobilize the business community to make greater use of research in innovation work.


More use of research in the business community that can contribute to innovation, sustainable value creation, green competitiveness and climate change in Vestland county.


1) High quality of activity in the project and delivery in line with the established project plan.

2) New forms of collaboration on mobilization for research that make it easier for companies to adapt to cantilever and apply new knowledge (increase absorption capacity)

3) Reduced geographical dividing lines with regard to the use of research between city and country in the entire new county and increase the sharing of experience across sectors.

The following main activity shall apply to the project work:

1. Competence mediation:

o Competence mediation is to identify challenges in companies that can be solved by research efforts, connect to the relevant R&D environment and inform about Norwegian and international funding opportunities for research in companies / business.

o It is assumed that competence brokering takes place in accordance with NFR's «Assignment description for a competence broker»

o The project will provide mobilization services in the whole of Vestland county.

2. Network meeting:

o Network meeting hosted by competence brokers and relevant partners.

3. Mobility:

o Mobility projects include both «researcher on loan» and «company for R&D». "Researcher on loan" must be applied for via the Research Council for clearance in the county municipality, while the project "company for R&D" must be applied for directly to the county municipality.

4. Preliminary project:

o Pre-project under the auspices of a company; clear with the county municipality and application sent via the Research Council

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