EPC-based Digital Building Twins for Smart Energy Systems

Skisse av bygning med fargar som viser temperatur
Model of an existing building illustrating surface heat.

The project will develop a method for obtaining and utilizing data from energy certificates in the modeling and planning of energy efficient large buildings. The modeling will be done through the development of the concept of digital twin, which is as good as possible complete simulation of energy consumption in new buildings.

The applications will be implemented in three cases in Seville, Berlin and Salzburg/ Vienna. These cases will be evaluated to compare the expectations of the digital twin simulations, with actual energy savings achieved in the three cases. A cradle-to-grave approach (life cycle assessment) will be used to provide the best knowledge of the implications of the energy efficiency approach being developed in the project.

The consortium consists of 9 partners from 4 European countries (Spain, Norway, Germany and Austria).

Western Norway Research Institute is in charge of evaluation in this project, and will apply a combination of process and effect evaluation.

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