Enhance New Approaches in BioBased Local Innovation Networks for Growth (ENABLING)

ENABLING is the initiative of 16 partners in 13 EU and associated (IL, NO) countries. The main goal is to support the spreading of best practices and innovation in the provision (production, pre-processing) of biomass for the BBI (Bio-based Industry). In particular, ENABLING aims at creating appropriate conditions for the development of efficient biomass to BBPs (Bio-Based Products and Processes) value chains. The consortium's vision is that Europe bears a huge potential for optimising the supply of biomass into innovative bio-based processes and products.

Upscaling biomass production and pre-prosessing, and combining streams towards the BBPs with those of more traditional bioenergy chains would enhance at least three interlinked types of impact:

  • biomass production gains scale to meet higher demand in both sectors (bioenergy and the BBI)
  • the reinforcement of biomass supply for the BBI benefits smaller BBI players, helping them diversify and consolidate biomass imput sources
  • reinforcing the biomass and BBP's linkages may contribute to job-creation, due to the increased need for specialised workers

To realise such potential, ENABLING also anticipates its longer term exploitation pathways. In the intention of the consortium, the project should aggreate and engage partners for the establishment of a permanent innovation brokerage platform, likely to become in the future, one of the main marketplaces and innovation transfer accelerators at European level. In this sense, the project organises its work around two building blocks: one relates to animating the stakeholders (on the farming and BBP's sides), identifying best practices, turning them into easy to access content (in the format of the European Innovation Platform) for their potential users and providing stakeholders with coaching and guidance on innovation. The other one looks at future developments, with the consolidation, in self-sustainable way, of the innovations brokerage platform after the end of the EU funded intiative.

More about the project: Enabling website

Webinar; The role of companies and processing industry in the bioeconomy

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