Development of national climate adaptation network in Hungary

Vestlandsforsking will assist the Hungarian partner (the consultancy firm Dipole Humánpolitikai Intézet Kft - in developing a national networks in the area of local climate change adaptation. The project includes arranging a study tour to Sogn og Fjordane for representatives from this network and to participate in seminars in Hungary.

Presentations - meeting in Sogndal

Professor Carlo Aall, Vestlandsforsking:
The CLIM-NET/HUN project: Contributions from Western Norway research Institute (WNRI)

Anne C. F. Eide, Advisor, County Governor of Sogn og Fjordane: 
Preparing for and handling extreme weather

Haavard Stensvand, Head of emergency planning, County Governor of Sogn og Fjordane: 
Risk and vurlerability analyses

Marta Baltruszewicz and Carlo Aall, Vestlandsforsking: 
The development of a method for comparison the costs of prevention vs restoration of damages caused by extreme weather events

Halvor Dannevig, researcher, Vestlandsforsking: 
Strengthening the science policy interface for climate change adaptation at the regional level.

Kyrre Groven, researcher, Vestlandsforsking: 
Approaches to stormwater management in Norway

Idun A. Husabø, researcher, Vestlandsforsking: 
Discovering climate adaptation – examples from Western Norway

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