An Informal Multi-Stakeholder Network as a Collaborative Strategy Tool in E-Health

July 2016

Paper on the 8th International Conference on e-Health (EH 2016), Funchal, Madeira, Portugal, 1 - 3 July 2016


The county of Sogn & Fjordane is one of 19 counties in Norway, with approximately 109 000 inhabitants in 26 municipalities. This county has achieved outstanding results in the field of e-Health, as one of the first counties in Norway that completed the process of moving message in the health sector to an electronic platform, by June 2014. What has made this challenging region become a spearhead and the 26 municipalities able, not only to engage in, but to achieve technological innovative and organizational results and success in health services? The analysis takes the theory of Triple Helix systems as a starting point, and shows that an informal multi-stakeholder network has been a vital driving force, operating across the small and diverse units without challenging existing power structures.