The travel industry needs better knowledge to plan, to measure return on investment and to prioritise limited funds better. The county parliament of Sogn og Fjordane has called for more and better data and statistics in the lately published plan for the travel industry. More complete, more frequently updated and mor accessible business intelligence is a priority for both industry, authorities and the research sector.

These parties have therefore met to make a project that can clear the ground for a further larger project. New technology gives us new opportunities to meet new demands. Social media and Web 2.0 is changing the way we use the internet, and we can now connect data from many different sources. There's a potential for individually tailored, continuously updated and more accessible business intelligence based on a combination of existing data, new data and more sources than today. To achieve this we need to innovate with “Open data”, and tools of analysis and visualisation. The main needs have been identified, but there hasn't been a thorough survey of which data are needed, how detailed it must be, what data is practically feasible to collect, and how it can be collected by using the potential of new technologies.

This project will show what is needed, who has the needs, and how and to what degree the needs can be satisfied through the use of new technology and methods of make information available.

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