Sustainable changeover with technology as a response to seasonal variation in tourism.

This pre-project deals with the theme area "green reconstruction of tourism after the pandemic" and will be a major contribution there with relevant research and development that will have great transfer value to the rest of the tourism industry in Western Norway and Norway.

Kongevegen over Filefjell (hereinafter referred to as KOF) is a cooperative with 44 businesses. The company was established in 2016 and has since grown from 2 municipalities to 4 municipalities and from 15 to 44 businesses. 85% of the businesses are located in Lærdal and a manager is hired from their business in Lærdal. KOF and their businesses have the challenge of offering year-round services and year-round operations. This pre-project can therefore help to solve the challenge of generating new knowledge about technology and tourism and how technology can be a response to year-round operation. Furthermore, how technology can provide new products and new markets, which in turn facilitate year-round operation and in a sustainable manner.

The overall issue therefore becomes: how can technology smooth out seasonal variations in destinations such as Kongevegen over Filefjell to contribute to better profitability and year-round operation? Examples of technology can be VR and AI.

Vestlandsforsking's key role is to carry out research based on data collected from the project owner (KOF).

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Vestland fylkeskommune
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Kongevegen over filefjell AS, HVL