Expertise Mediation aims to promote research-based innovation and development processes in the public sector with particular emphasis on community health and care services and schools.

The main objective of this project is through enhanced dialogue with relevant stakeholders to contribute so that the municipalities in Western Norway come in a better position to make the use of research as a driver of innovation, and the municipalities to see the possibilities to apply to the RFF and other sources for financing of research.

Secondary objectives:

  1. To determine what forms of cooperation that are already underway between municipalities and the research environment and experience with these.
  2. To clarify through dialogue with local authorities, research needs and research interests and will highlight areas of development cooperation possibilities.
  3. To investigate the possibilities for binding cooperation between research communities and local health and care service and the school sector.
  4. To identify relevant research communities and link them to specific needs and processes in the municipal sector.
  5. To describe a strategy to promote cooperation between researchers and participants in the municipal sector, that can trigger innovation and development processes.

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