Rewarding and Recognition for Energy Conserving Driving, Vehicle procurement and maintenance

RECODRIVE "Rewarding and Recognition for Energy Conserving Driving, Vehicle procurement and maintenance" is taking up existing Ecodriving initiatives and merging it with good fleet management and logistics optimization practice to push fuel saving in fleeets beyond 10%. Commercial (i.e. freight and utilities) and captive (i.e. public transport) fleets from partners and associated entities will act as demonstrators and show cases for high mileage and/or high specific consumption fleets. Energy conservation champions will be trained to penetrate the procurement departments specifying vehicles, drivers applying ECODRIVING and workshop employees servicing vehicles (tire  pressure, air and fuel filter etc.) Using the results from fleet owners who have had good results with recognition and rewarding schemes for drivers , procurement and maintenance staff, we can make good arguments to convince other fleet owners, including service fleets using individual cars. A multi-lingual knowledge hub, implemented as an internet based communication and information platform, tools supporting the training of drivers, the procurement of on board and fuel management devices, dos and don'ts for the set-up of recognition and rewarding schemes and a support desk to help fleets owners will be implemented in the course of the project.

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