Preliminary study of potential for distribution scheme for local food products

Distribution of locally produced food products is difficult and inefficient because of small volume and a underdeveloped distribution system. As part of the VRI samhandling project a seminar about distribution and marketing of locally produced food products was held in March 2015. As a result of the seminar a project group was established for the establishment of a distribution scheme for locally produced food products in Sogn og Fjordane.

A preliminary study has been financed by Innovation Norway, and the project group has hired Vestlandsforsking to help find out about the needs of the producers and buyers, and the potential for locally produced food in Sogn og Fjordane. This is an important part of the preliminary study in addition to:

  • review the potential for selling to grocery stores
  • study trip
  • make and overview of exixting logistics, distribution and transportations systems in use.
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