Innovative methods for natura! data and land use accounting to show interaction effects between nature and climate in western Norway

The project will develop an innovative tool to increase climate and nature protection in land use planning and decisions. The project also aims to uncover conditions for the new data and methods to be used and emphasized in decision-making processes. With better spatial planning, the results will give the opportunity to use up-to-date, mapped knowledge early in the planning process, increase the professional quality of alternative assessments and contribute to higher prioritization of densification. This will lead to securing natura I diversity, reducing greenhouse gas emissions, increasing carbon storage, climate adaptation and soil protection.

Project leader is Kjetil Lygre and Iselin Helløy

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Norges forskningsråd
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Vestland fylkeskommune
Møre og Romsdal fylkeskommune
Rogaland fylkeskommune