E-helse Vestland - «Etablere Vestland som ein kraftregion for bruk av teknologi i helse- og omsorgstenesta»

Welfare technology has received a lot of attention in the municipalities in Vestland county. Welfare technology is one of the solutions that will enable the health care sector to maintain the quality of services when the number of people in need of care and health services is increasing, while the number of health personnel is expected to decline. In addition, welfare technology can provide increased quality in the services.

In the project "e-health Vestland", expertise, experiences and resources from two previous projects are combined: "Welfare technology in the municipalities in Sogn og Fjordane" and "Vestlandsprosjektet" from old Hordaland county. "E-health Vestland" will implement the first phase of a 5-year plan in which all municipalities in Vestland county will gradually join the work of implementing welfare technology. The project will develop a strong professional collaboration to gather, build and share knowledge and experiences that are critical for the introduction of welfare technology in the municipalities. The municipalities shall be in the driver's seat and shall implement and have significant benefits from welfare technology. The project will support the municipalities in achieving the potential great benefits of using welfare technology.

Project leader outside Vestlandforsking is; Kari Eidnes Bjørkheim, Masfjorden kommune

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