Collaboration for increased innovation and value creation in Sogn og Fjordane - VRI 2014 - 2016

VRI is a program for regional innovation launched by the Norwegian Research Council eight years ago. Two former programs, VRI 1 and VRI 2, have been carried out and the current project VRI 3 will run from 2014 to 2016. In addition to this VRI interaction project there will also be a VRI 3 research project. While the interaction program is limited to Sogn & Fjordane County, the research project is a cooperation project between the counties of Sogn & Fjordane, Østfold, Rogaland and Møre & Romsdal.

The VRI 3 interaction project’s main objective is to stimulate to more use of R & D in the businesses for more value creation and better competitiveness for the targeted areas of energy, food & tourism, and Technology & ICT. The main objective will be reached through realizing of the following sub-goals:

1. Further development of the interaction in the regional innovation system

2. Help businesses use more R & D in their operation

3. Improve the accordance between the businesses’ needs and the knowledge organizations’ offer

VRI 1 and 2 have shown that the tools competence brokering and small business projects have stimulated to more use of R & D in the businesses in Sogn & Fjordane. This effort will be carried on and further developed through the project period. After the VRI 3 project ending in 2016/2017 the activities will be carried on in the work with realizing Verdiskapingsplanen for Sogn & Fjordane.

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