Della Vella
Reseach associate
Akademisk tittel:

Dante Della Vella has a Masters and Bachelor's Degree from The Ohio State University with a minor in Science and Technology Studies. While at university, Dante served as International Projects Lead for the OSU chapter of Engineers without Borders (EWB OSU). He led multiple humanitarian engineering projects on-site teams during the construction and evaluation of an agricultural irrigation system in N'jau, The Gambia.

Dante worked as a research associate in the Cognitive Systems Engineering Lab (CSEL) while completing his masters degree. During this time he led and worked on multiple cutting edge Human-Machine teaming research projects. These studies focused on analyzing team architectures to identify patterns of challenge and ease in collaboration between people and automated agents. Dante's work aimed to make socio-technical systems of people and automated agents more resilient by bolstering their ability to adapt to changes in the world around them. 

Dante has built on this work and pivoted from investigating system resilience in industry to society, beginning with projects focused on the generation of new capabilities to respond to societal threats such has the COVID-19 pandemic. This work led Dante to The Western Norway Research Institute (Vestlandsforsking) where he has worked since 2023, continuing to pursue research into the resilience of communities themselves as layered socio-technical systems. His latest work focuses on fostering community resilience to cope with the threat of hate speech.