Quality Conference, Oslo

Difi's (The Agency for Public Management and eGovernment) annual conference on quality of public sector web sites takes place in Oslo today.

From 2001 Difi (and before 2008, Norge.no) evaluates public sector web sites in Norway. The evaluation comprises ca. 700 web sites (684 to be exact), both Government Agency web sites and municipality web sites.

Along with presentation of the evaluations for this year there are also awards for best municipality web site, best governmental web site, the best web site for accessibility, and the best web service of the year.

Svein Ølnes blogs from the conference on his own blog (but, unfortunately in Norwegian).

Results from the 2009 evaluation of public web sites:

Altogether 684 web sites were evaluated. The average evaluation time for each evaluation was 75 minutes. There were feedback/questions/complaints from 238 organizations.

The results show a substantial improvement from last year. The overall relative score was 62 % in 2009 compared with 55 % for 2008. Looking at the star rating 45 web sites obtained the maximum 6 stars (more than the double of the number in 2008).

Other results:
Accessibility: 64 % (many web sites fulfilled all the requirements here)
Usability: 68 %
Useful content: 54 %

The accessibility award: Sørum municipality

The award for best municipality web site: Tromsø municipality

The award for best governmental web site: