Welfare technology inmunicipalities in Sogn og Fjordane 2019

Welfare technology has got a great publisity in recent years. The interest is particularly related to an expected increase in the number of persons in need of care and care services, without the corresponding increase in health personnel. Welfare technology is one of the solutions that will make the health and care enable to maintain the quality of services for years to come.

Since 2014, a professional collaboration in the county has been working with welfare technology in the municipalities of Sogn and Fjordane. This is phase 6 of the project "Welfare technology in the municipalities of Sogn og Fjordane", funded by the County Governor of Sogn og Fjordane / Vestland. The goal is to continue the work on joint development of knowledge and experience bases and to support and ensure the necessary follow-up activities for the 24 municipalities that are currently participating in the national dissemination project.

One important part of joint activity is related to the development of a regional response center in Flora and to further developing cooperation with the central environment in Hordaland.

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