A Toolbox for Strategic Leadership of Innovative Networks 2019

Sogn og Fjordane University College (HSF), now part of Western Norway University of Applied Sciences (HVL), and Vestlandsforsking (VF) collaborated in the project “Innovation in Rural Places - Conditions and Barriers”. The project was co-funded by the County Authority of Sogn og Fjordane, and the Norwegian Research Council under the VRI programme, as well as the two collaborating institutions contributed considerably with own financing. The project has resulted in reports, feature articles, book chapters, presentations and articles. Both the County Authority and other stakeholders have expressed special interest in developing a tool which incorporates new knowledge developed in the project.

The County Authority of Sogn og Fjordane suggested Sogn og Fjordane University College (HSF) and Vestlandsforsking (VF) should collaborate in this development. The development agreement should contribute to creating more and larger research projects within the two institutions, assist in developing competencies at Ph.D. and full professorship level, as well as strengthen the scientific research development at HSF and VF through international cooperation and networking. Through one of the subprojects under this development agreement, we have developed a simple, first version of a toolbox for developing, renewing and operating innovative networks. The toolbox is theoretically based, but should be easily accessible and relevant to both business stakeholders and public policy funding schemes.

The county municipality used the English version of the toolbox delivered in 2017 as the foundation for Interreg P-IRIS, which until now has collected 18 surveys of innovative networks, 3 from the remaining parties. For P-IRIS, the County Council wants to further develop the toolbox with the following element:

  • Revised toolbox
    • Based on evaluation from the partners
    • Including information / handling of forms of fragmentation
  • New and improved introduction
  • Good examples (based on experience from previous responses)
  • Tips on online sources of several recognized tools (especially mtp. Management and culture)
  • Language: Norwegian and English
  • Academic publishing is considered
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