Theory meets reality - implementation of regional innovation instruments

It has been argued that the innovation system approach is a representative picture of how an innovation-driven economy works, and several innovation policy instruments have been developed with the approach as a theoretical foundation. VRI (Program for regional R&D and innovation) is such an instrument. A study of the development of VRI  projects in four regions in the meta-region Western Norway: Rogaland, Hordaland, Sogn og Fjordane and Møre og Rolmsdal, can shed light on this assumption. Further it can develop new theories on innovation and governance.

Comparative data has already been collected through participation in VRI-meetings and semi structured interviews in all four regions. The project will analyse these and aim to contribute both to the academic literature and to regional stakeholders.

The project output will be an international academic journal article and a popularized version of this, presentation of the results to regional and national VRI organisations and innovation policy makers. The project will also build networks between four regional research institutes in the meta-region.

Such an evaluation is particularly relevant given that research and innovation activities increasingly will be regionalisation in the years to come.

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