Reorganization of Fotefar

The tourism enterprise Fotefar Theme Tours is facing a dual challenge: tackling the impact of the coronavirus as well carrying out a long-planned shift from mainly taking tourists abroad to mainly organizing domestic tours (Photo: Inga-Britt Morken).

Over the past decade, Fotefar Thene Tours has specialized in theme tours abroad. First-hand experience of history and culture are key elements in their tourism products. In 2020, Fotefar is facing the dual challenge of the coronavirus crisis and a long-planned shift in their product profile; the first in a series of domestic theme tours was about to be launched in May - just as the coronavirus put a brake on the tourism industry across the globe.

As such, the pandemic accelerated the long-planned development and reorganization of Fotefar from a predominance of theme tours abroad to a predominance of inland theme tours, which to a certain extent implies a reorganization of the enterprise. The main question is how Fotefar can adapt to the post-corona tourism industry. 

To answer this question, the project aims to build new knowledge about cultural tourists and the coronavirus crisis.

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