IT Health Service Rollout in Sogn og Fjordane.

The joint effort called IT Forum Sogn og Fjordane, an organization established in 1995 to promote the work with ICT in our county (Sogn og Fjordane), organize the work.
The project follows up experiences of participants and priorities of the municipalities established during earlier work and projects. Relevant are the pre project done by the IT-forum health workgroup in 1996 and the national Elin-k project and the local pilot project on electronic messaging between a few local 1.line medical service and the local hospital. The County and the local communities sponsor the project.
The action plan has tree central elements in addition to project management:

  1. Establish permanent connection to Norsk Helsenett (National Health Net). This activity is a prerequisite to getting the specified content services established at all both in this project and in other efforts. Norsk Helsenett is the infrastructure that supplies safe and coordinated communication between all involved actors in the Norwegian health service.
  2. Establish electronic messaging between local 1.line medical service and the local hospital, specialists and pharmacy.
  3. Information strategy/Result mediating. In the further work on rollout of content services, marketing results and important information is essential to stimulate local mobilization and implementation in all municipalities.

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