Seminar on fighting both toxic exhaust and climate gas emissions from bio-blended diesel– Assessment of strategies

The aim of the seminar is to discuss strategies for reducing toxic exhaust emissions, improving combustion and decreasing fuel consumption. The seminar brings together experts on exhaust emissions analysis, fuel properties, pre-treatment and additive technologies. Transport operators will present their perspectives. There will be discussions on research needs and funding. The seminar will be streamed live on this web page.

Date: 25 Feb 2011
Time: 1200-1530
PlaceFosshaugane Campus, Sogndal

1200-1220 Otto Andersen, Vestlandsforsking: Background. The problematics of bioblending

1220-1235 Stanisław Oleksiak, Oil & Gaz Institute Krakow: Overview of the project ”Influence of bio-components content in fuel on emission of diesel engines and engine oil deterioration (BIODEG)”

1235-1255 Jan Czerwinski, University of Applied Science, Biel, Switzerland: Exhaust emissions of bio-blended diesel. Effect of Diesel Particle Filter and Selective Catalytic Reduction

1255-1315 David van der Spoel, Uppsala University: Incorporation of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons into Exhaust Products from Blends of Biodiesel and Fossil Diesel – A Simulation Study

1315-1340 Johannes Sameien, EcoTech International Norway AS: ECOBEAM XL pre-treatment – principles and empirical results

1340-1400 Pause

1400-1420 Birgit Nistad, Nistad Gruppen AS: White diesel – properties and emissions

1420-1430 Jan Egil Nordanger, Bergen-Nordhordland Rutelag: Perspectives from maritime sector

1430-1450 Morten Simonsen, Vestlandsforsking: The TRANSNOVA project “Energy- and environmental savings in Lerum Frakt BA”

1450-1500 Harrie Beeker, Lerum Frakt BA: Perspectives from a road transport operator

1500-1530 Otto Andersen: Where do we do from here? Discussion. Research needs. Funding of the research.