Open and Distance Learning for Peace in Northern Uganda


As the number of violent conflicts around the world escalates, peace-building is an increasingly important priority – particularly at the community level, where attitudes are often formed and reinforced.

Learning to Live Together includes a range of community peacebuilding experiences from across the Commonwealth that have been applying open and distance learning (ODL) approaches. The case studies offer insights into the challenges as well as the kinds of interventions that have worked and how they can be built upon. They show that ODL can be an effective and efficient way to involve many of the people most affected by conflict in being part of its prevention, mitigation and resolution.

It is hoped that this publication will set the stage for further work in this area and expand community learning opportunities in Commonwealth countries.

In: Baksh, R. and Munro, T. (eds.) Learning to Live Together: Using Distance Education for Community Peacebuilding. p. 45-58. Commonwealth of Learning, Vancouver