Influence on local and regional driven development of broadband infrastructure in Norway


This contribution will present the bottom-up development of broadband infrastructure in the region of Sogn og Fjordane Norway.  The liberalisation of the telecommunication market became a challenge for rural regions.  The Norwegian government’s strategy for developing broadband infrastructure following the liberalisation is a demand driven that leaves out many of the small communities in rural regions.  To face this challenge communities and public sector in the Sogn og Fjordane region have initiated a successful development to provide broadband to its businesses and inhabitants.  A total of 15 local and regional initiatives are ensuring that large areas of the region have access to broadband infrastructure.  This bottom-up development has also resulted in that the market has been opened up for national broadband providers.  The paper will look at the development of the infrastructure, steps taken, who has been involved and the benefits it has provided for enterprises and innovation.