The nature of public e-services and their quality dimensions


Researcher Svein Ølnes and professor Arild Jansen, University of Oslo, have written the paper "The nature of public e-services and their quality dimensions" published in Government Information Quarterly vol. 33, issue 4.

The paper builds on many years of work and research with quality assessments of public websites and e-services, on behalf of, and in cooperation with, the Agency for Public Management and eGovernment (Difi). The starting point for the paper is the fact that the concept "e-service" is poorly understood and that this prevents us from making good quality assessments. In the paper Ølnes and Jansen dissect "e-services" for find what elementary service actions (or functions, processes) it consists of. By assigning quality criteria to these we can approach the task of assessing the quality of public e-services as a whole.

The paper is published in GIQ vol. 33, issue 4