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      The curious case of two potential mining projects in Finnmark County, Norway

      Published date: 04.12.2015

      By: Halvor Dannevig

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      Sustainable destination development through hiking. Experiences from Western Norway

      Published date: 04.12.2015

      By: Halvor Dannevig

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      Narratives of Rural Hotels in Norway

      Published date: 10.10.2014

      By: Agnes Brudvik Engeset

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      What is worst: bad planning or bad weather?

      Published date: 27.08.2014

      By: Carlo Aall Halvor Dannevig Kyrre Groven

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      Adaptation governance at the sub-national level

      Published date: 27.08.2014

      By: Halvor Dannevig Carlo Aall Kyrre Groven

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      When is Change Change?

      Published date: 24.06.2013

      By: Carlo Aall

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      Climate change in Andean cosmovision: An indigenous perspective on the transformative power of worldview

      Published date: 24.06.2013

      By: Kristine Skarbø

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      "But our Quinoa was Different": Loss and Gain in a Crop Rescue Operation in Cotacachi, Equador

      Published date: 14.06.2013

      By: Kristine Skarbø

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      Coping with Climate Change: Impacts and Adjustments in an Andean Agrarian Community”

      Published date: 31.05.2013

      By: Kristine Skarbø

    10. Presentation

      Historical records of natural hazards events as guidance for preventive spatial planning

      Published date: 25.04.2013

      By: Kyrre Groven

    11. Presentation

      The role of Crop Diversity in Climate Change Adaptation: A Case Study from the Ecuadorian Andes

      Published date: 19.03.2013

      By: Kristine Skarbø

    12. Presentation

      Towards second generation rural tourism?

      Published date: 19.11.2012

      By: Agnes Brudvik Engeset

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      Local Envolement

      Published date: 05.10.2012

      By: Eivind Brendehaug

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      Implementation of adaptation at the local level

      Published date: 31.08.2012

      By: Halvor Dannevig Grete Hovelsrud Trude Rauken

    15. Presentation

      Downscaling climate projections for adaptation: Advantages and challenges of interdisciplinary collaboration

      Published date: 31.08.2012

      By: Halvor Dannevig Grete Hovelsrud I. Hanssen-Bauer B. Oort

    16. Presentation

      Spatial planning and emergency provision for a changing climate

      Published date: 31.08.2012

      By: Carlo Aall Halvor Dannevig Kyrre Groven Ingrid Sælensminde

    17. Presentation

      Climate Change Effects on Alpine Ski Areas in Sogn og Fjordane

      Published date: 30.04.2012

      By: Carlo Aall Halvor Dannevig Cenk Demiroglu

    18. Presentation

      From vulnerability to adaptive capacity and transformative adaptation: Case studies from Northern Norway

      Published date: 22.04.2012

      By: Halvor Dannevig

    19. Presentation

      Vulnerability narratives and responses to climate change in Northern Norway

      Published date: 22.04.2012

      By: Halvor Dannevig

    20. Presentation

      Volunteered geographic information: a resource for the tourism industry?

      Published date: 31.10.2011

      By: Guttorm Flatabø

    21. Presentation

      Combinations of Measures for Reduction of NOx & Nanoparticles of asel Engine

      Published date: 16.09.2011

      By: Otto Andersen

    22. Presentation

      Learning from user interactions

      Published date: 06.09.2011

      By: Rajendra Akerkar

    23. Presentation

      Leisure consumption: the "grease" to keep economic growth continuing?

      Published date: 06.09.2011

      By: Carlo Aall

    24. Presentation

      Collective systems, unions, and broad participation - trial lecture

      Published date: 08.05.2011

      By: Geir Liavåg Strand

    25. Presentation

      Climate change adaptation at the regional level in Norway: status quo and challenges

      Published date: 15.11.2010

      By: Carlo Aall Eli Heiberg

    26. Presentation

      Flood hazard and climate change A study of institutional change in the civil protection system

      Published date: 15.11.2010

      By: Carlo Aall Kyrre Groven


      Kyrre Groven, Vestlandsforsking, Norway
      Maya van den Berg, CSTM, University of Twente, The Netherlands
      Annika Carlsson-Kanyama, FOI, Sweden
      Carlo Aall, Vestlandsforsking, Norway
      Frans H.J.M. Coenen, CSTM, University of Twente, The Netherlands

    27. Presentation

      Adaptation to climate change in Norway: the role of municipal governments

      Published date: 14.11.2010

      By: Carlo Aall

    28. Presentation

      Extreme weather events - do we learn from them?

      Published date: 14.11.2010

      By: Kyrre Groven Idun A. Husabø


      By Kyrre Groven and Idun A. Husabø

    29. Presentation

      Using ecological footprint to illustrate the inadequacy of eco-efficiency as a strategy for achieving a sustainable development: the Norwegian case

      Published date: 14.06.2010

      By: Idun A. Husabø

    30. Presentation

      ICT Based Health-care: Research and Development Challenges

      Published date: 10.02.2010

      By: Rajendra Akerkar

    31. Presentation

      Policy for harmonizing national park management and local business development

      Published date: 12.12.2008

      By: Eivind Brendehaug

    32. Presentation

      How can tourism reduce its impact on the atmosphere?

      Published date: 12.12.2008

      By: Stefan Gössling

    33. Presentation

      From declarations to actions: How can tourism reduce its impact on the atmosphere?

      Published date: 14.11.2008

      By: Stefan Gössling

    34. Presentation

      Too much information and too little architecture? Transforming semantic web ideas to IA

      Published date: 24.01.2008

      By: Nils Arne Hove Svein Ølnes

    35. Presentation

      Quality Evaluations and Accessibility of Public Web Sites

      Published date: 24.01.2008

      By: Svein Ølnes

    36. Presentation

      Portalar utan grunnmur - publiseringssystem utan arkitektur

      Published date: 28.03.2007

      By: Nils Arne Hove

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