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Hjå Vestlandsforsking arbeider Peter med prosjektutvikling knytt til utandørs opplevingar, lokal samfunnsutvikling og reiseliv. Han er også prosjektleiar for Outdoor Health Network, eit bedriftsnettverk som arbeider for innovasjon og utvikling av Sogn sitt føremon for utandørs aktivitet og sunn livsstil.


Pete Varley is the founder and Director of the Centre for Recreation and Tourism Research, University of the Highlands and Islands. He is also a Visiting Researcher at Western Norway Research Institute, Sogndal .

Formerly (2009-2012) he was Head of the School of Adventure Studies at West Highland College UHI. Before moving to the wilds of Scotland, Pete spent 12 years as a senior lecturer in consumer studies, at the Department of Marketing and Retail Management in Manchester Metropolitan University Business School. There his interests centred upon the sociology of consumption, post-structuralist research approaches and postmodern consumer practices.

His current research interests include the following topics and writing projects:

  • Reimagining hospitality
  • Digital / social marketing solutions for tourism SME’s and destinations
  • The impacts of events and festivals on destination brands
  • Fuzzy places – the challenge of branding and multi-layered meanings of place
  • Health and well-being in active leisure
  • Food, gastronomy and taste in tourism
  • The marketing of tourist experiences as emotional / service products
  • Ethnographic and ethnomethodological research approaches to experiential inquiry
  • The marketing, management and consumption of ‘wild’ places
  • Slow movements, leisure and hypermodernity
  • The role of storytelling and narratives in experiential marketing
  • The concept of ‘Luxury’ in experiential marketing